Afternoon Tea for Two

Afternoon Tea is something that I have a slight obsession with and something that I ADORE! What could be better than spending an afternoon somewhere beautiful with coffee, tea, cakes and sandwiches – Heaven! So when I stumbled across a deal on Wowcher and saw that the hotel looked like this…


I jumped at the chance! It was only £12 for a Luxury Afternoon Tea for Two and I couldn’t wait to explore the hotel itself, it looked stunning. After a nightmare of attempting to find the hotel without our sat nav we eventually arrived at The Wild Boar Hotel, Cheshire (Half an hour late may I add!) and I was blown away. The Tudor style hotel is just stunning and was worth the £12 I had spent before we even stepped into the door.


We were led through the hotel into a large room with wooden beams and comfy sofas, sadly as we are not tea drinkers we ordered coffee which was served in a teapot, what a lovely touch!

This was shortly followed by a selection of sandwiches, fresh scones and miniature cakes – all of which were delicious.


Although the tea was nothing spectacular and sadly we didn’t get a choice as to what sandwiches we would have both Me and Richard were full by the end and were struggling to finish off the cakes, this is definitely not like us!


What the tea lacked in selection the hotel certainly made up for! By the time we had finished our afternoon tea the sun was setting and the hotel looked all the more stunning…



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