Beautiful Carriage Ride Around Bruges

Bruges was by far the most beautiful city I have ever visited and one of the most romantic. The cobbles, the canals, the chocolate shops and the horse and carriages that roll through the city.


The moment I arrived in this magical city I knew it wouldnt be complete without travelling around the city in a beautiful carriage over the cobbled roads. As we were only in the city for two days we decided to go on this magical adventure on our last day and make the most of every minute.


We began our journey in the Market Square and climbed aboard the beautiful carriage – it instantly felt magical. As we were in Bruges in February the weather was far from warm and although we were wrapped up our guide/driver handed us a blanket, the perfect finishing touch.


We rode around the city with the hooves clicking against the cobbles and taking in the most beautiful city, passing the canals and gaining an insight into the history of Bruges. It was magical and a journey that I will never forget.


Half way through the journey we took a moment to admire lovers lake which is one of the most stunning lakes I have seen and tradition has it that if you throw money into the lake you will have everlasting love.


After admiring lovers lake it was time to say farewell and climb back onto the carriage, not before a quick photoshoot of course, although I have a feeling the horse was camera shy. It was then time to enjoy a last magical adventure that I would never forget…..

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Carriage Ride Around Bruges

  1. I’d have loved to do the horse drawn carriage tour when I was in Bruges a few weeks ago, but the queue for them in Markt was massive. I also thought they’d be about €80 so was pleasantly surprised to hear how cheap they are when I got back.

    • They were much cheaper than I expected, 40 Euros + Tip so we gave them 50. In my opinion it was worth every euro. Luckily for us we went in February and it was rather quite – we didn’t have to queue, now I realise how lucky we were!

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