Climb up the Belfy Tower

Bruges is the most magical and romantic city in the world and I have to say that every moment in Bruges was a highlight but climbing the Belfry tower was incredibly memorable. I knew from the moment that I arrived in Bruges that I just had to climb the famous Belfry tower and see the city from above.


The Belfry tower stands tall in the centre of Bruges and can be seen from every part of the city. Taking a total of 366 steps to reach the top it certainly isnt for the faint hearted or for the unfit. I can say hand on heart that it was worth every single step and overlooking Bruges from a  birds eye view is just as beautiful, if not more so, as when you are on the ground.


The climb up to the top is hardwork but each level you reach the better the view becomes. The first level that we reached gave is a brilliant view over the market square which was filled with Horse and Carriages and just looked magical.

This level also stored the Belfry Tower Bell which was very large (and loud) but amazingly beautiful and the realisation that you are actually inside the tower hits you.


The second level then offered even more astonishing views of the city, a mass of coloured rooftops and a glimpse of the beautiful architecture in Bruges with the tower casting a shadow over the whole of the Market Square.



Then you finally reach the top after climbing the whole 366 steps up the tiny spiral staircases and once you look out from the top of the tower suddenly the climb to the top is forgotten, and then their is only one word that springs to mind…Wow! It was so beautiful.


You could see all of the famous landmarks along with the beautiful canals that run through the city, the different shades of buildings throughout the city, the pointed rooftops and the church tower stood tall. The sun was beaming down and shining over the beautiful city making the view all the more amazing.


Being February the weather is rather cold in Bruges but at the top of the Belfry tower your fingers go numb from the minute you step on the viewing platform  but this does not stop you from staring in awe at this wonderful city.


Bruges is beautiful in everyway but nothing can compare to Bruges from a Birds Eye View.


10 thoughts on “Climb up the Belfy Tower

  1. You’re spot on with describing Bruges. We had the chance to climb the Belfry, too, back in late August. The view is breathtaking and the entire city is so magical! When we reached the top, we were just on time to hear the bells chime.

    • It really is, I dont think words can describe how magical Bruges is. I can imagine it isnt as cold in August and the views just as amazing :). They went off while we were there too! They dont give you a warning do they? But I suppose thats the magic of a bell tower.

      • We received absolutely no warning. Fortunately the bells aren’t deafening, so I didn’t have to worry about losing my hearing. (Music at clubs are honestly a lot louder!) Climbing the Belfry in late August was very pleasant. The climb itself was enough to get the blood flowing, but once we were at the top, we were rewarded with a very cool, gentle breeze. =)

  2. I visited Bruges in December and it was soooo cold, but worth the visit! Christmas time is magical here and you are right about the view from the Belfry: incredible! Thanks for posting!

    • I bet Bruges was very magical at Christmas! Despite the cold weather – I couldnt believe how cold it was in February! It really is incredible, what an amazing way to see the city. Its not just the view but the experience of climbing inside the tower, especially after watching the film ‘In Bruges’ : )

      • What an amazing introduction! I had never heard of ‘In Bruges’ but the hotel owner David recommended we watch it on our first night and it was brilliant. We spent the rest of our time there pointing out things from the movie. The museums are so interesting in Bruges..I will be writing my Bruges post shortly! We bought the museum pass which was worth every penny :).

  3. I’ll have to go back one day to climb the Belfry – the queue was massive when I was there in November. It’s not fair – they went straight in in In Bruges! Did you have to queue for long?

    • I know, I can assure you that I didnt walk straight in! It was only around a 5/10 minute wait but that may have been because we went in the morning and in February. It is popular but even if I would have waited an hour it would have been worth the wait. You will have to go next time you are there 🙂

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