King & Queen For The Night

I cant think of anywhere better than England if you want to spend the night like a King and Queen so when it was coming up to mine and Richards anniversary I decided to stay in a traditional British castle and when I stumbled across Peckforton Castle I knew immediately that it was perfect.

Castle 2

Peckforton castle is in the middle of the Cheshire countryside and really is a stunning castle and we were treated like royalty from the moment that we arrived. Surrounded by snow covered woodland we headed up the drive towards the castle and suddenly there it was, in all its glory, light shining through the stain glass windows and it looked unbelievably stunning.

Castle Entrance

After parking the car (which the staff do offer to do for you but we didn’t think that the Yaris needed that treatment!) we headed over the large drawbridge and into the centre court of the castle where we were greeted by a knight! Well a wooden one at least.

Wooden Knight

The outside of the castle sets very high standards and the inside certainly lives up to them. The reception area alone was magnificent with large chandeliers, luxurious tapestry hung across the walls and large fireplaces it was beautiful.


This castle had already blown me away and I had only just arrived, I knew from this moment that this was going to be an experience all on its own. As I climbed the tiny spiral staircase up to my room I even stumbled across a Knight in shining armour – what more could I ask for?

Knight in Shining Armour

This castle and its grounds needed to be explored and I was going to make sure I did.

Castle 1

After a night of candlelight dinners, roll top baths, large seated windowsills and a luxurious bed it was time for me to drag myself away from my beautiful castle bedroom and head out and make the most of the time here starting with our experience session of Archery, falconry and Shooting. You can read a post on this here.

Harris Hawk

After an amazing activity session it was then time for me to explore the castle grounds so with our hiking boots at the ready we headed off into the snow covered woodland excited for what was to come. The castle grounds were absolutely stunning and the snow just made the exploring all the more magical. There were no pretty flowers or footpaths or if they were we couldn’t see them! But it didn’t need it, I felt like I was in Narnia.

Snowy Woodland

We explored the grounds for hours until we eventually stumbled across this viewing point..Wow! We could see for miles and got an amazing view of not only Peckforton Castle but also another castle further in the distance, stunning is the only word to describe it.

View 1

View 2

Then sadly my time at Peckforton was over and I was sad to leave, I wanted to move in full time! But I will always remember being ‘King and Queen’ for the night.


8 thoughts on “King & Queen For The Night

    • Glad to be of assistance. This really is a great place to escape too! If you book through and get the dinner and breakfast option you also get an amazing three course dinner in a lovely restaurant looking out at the castles courtyard…Perfect!

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