Breathtaking Views From Bled Castle

A stunning crystal clear lake, a backdrop of mountains, a beautiful island situated in the middle of the lake and a castle towering high on the cliffs above. No this isn’t a scene pulled from a fairy-tale but it is in fact the unbelievably stunning Lake Bled in Slovenia.


My time in Lake Bled was magical and was filled with stunning views, swimming under waterfalls, hiking mountains, bike rides, running through cornfields and a memory that will last a lifetime, the incredible views from Bled Castle.


Bled castle is perched one hundred metres above the lake on the cliff edge and looks beautiful from every angle surrounding the lake both night and day. In my week in Lake Bled I must have taken hundreds of photos of the stunning castle but the most spectacular views of Lake Bled…from the castle itself.


We headed up to the castle just after 9am as we guessed that this would be a quieter time to visit the castle and the sun would be a perfect height for some stunning photos and we could not have picked a more perfect time.


The walk up to Bled Castle is not an easy one and as regular hikers I did not believe this would be an issue but 20 minutes later in the glorious Slovenia sun I was exhausted and dehydrated – this was much harder than I expected! Be warned there is around what feels like a thousand steps to the top.


Was the exhausting hike up there worth it? Without a doubt!


When you look at these amazing views who could argue that the views aren’t worth the difficult hike to the top? The views were the most beautiful I had seen in all my travels and words cant describe how breath-taking it really is.


The sun shimmered off the lake making it glisten, Bled Island looked even more incredible just floating in the middle of the lake and the mountains stood taller and more beautiful in the background. I wasn’t leaving, I wanted to sit on the castle wall for the rest of the day just staring at this beautiful place, actually make that the whole week.


We did for a moment wonder inside the castle itself but I felt as though the time I was inside was wasting time I could be admiring the views and although the castle is full of history and is an attraction on its own sadly this comes second best, although as you pay eight euros to enter it is worthwhile at least having a quick look around.


The castle does feel a little touristy at times filled with small shops and cafes but I found myself a quiet spot on the edge of the castle although I did take a moment to recover from the climb with a cold drink and the best seat in the house, or shall I say Castle!


It is hard to put into words how incredibly beautiful these views are but anyone visiting Lake Bled or anywhere close needs to experience this.


I just hope that my pictures give a small insight into its Beauty and into a place that not only I will never forget but one that everyone should experience for themselves…


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