Hidden Beauty Of Cavtat

The moment we stepped out of the airport in Croatia, we knew we had picked the perfect place.

The smell, a mix of heat and lavender hits you as soon as you step off the plane and as the sun was setting over the mountains I had no idea that this was my first insight into the beautiful sunsets to come.


I had placed Cavtat, Croatia into Google images a million times before we arrived and had rather high hopes for this place, hopes that were not only met but also exceeded.

We arrived late in the night so as beautiful as the view from our balcony was we didn’t get to see Cavtat’s Old Town in all its glory until the following morning when I woke up and as I stood on the Balcony I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this town.


A harbour filled with all different boats from the small fisherman’s rowing boats to the millionaires yaught, the sea glistening as the sun beamed down onto it, the church towers stood tall and a beautiful mix of green and orange with the trees and the rooftops.

The most beautiful view that I wouldn’t have changed for anything.


Cavtat Old Town is not only a stunning place to look at but there is plenty to do and as we like to explore this was perfect for us. If you follow my blog then you will know that one of the days we spent in Croatia we visited the City of Dubrovnik which we reached easily on a lovely boat trip from Cavtat.


As well as visiting the wonderful and popular city of Dubrovnik, Cavtat on its on has so much to offer, not only is the beauty of the old town ideal for spending hours wandering around and taking the stunning scenery in but there are plenty of hidden attractions and activities that aren’t all that obvious when first arriving.


When we were planning to visit Cavtat we wasn’t sure if we would be swimming in the sea as we were a little unsure if it was that type of holiday but as I spotted some snorkelling equipment on sale in my local sports shop I decided to bring them along – Just in case!

This was the best decision we could have made.


With our snorkel masks firmly in place we began to explore the rocky edges of the sea around Cavtat and I was amazed, all kinds of fish just swimming around us. We hadn’t expected to find anything except for rocks but the underwater world was astonishing and the fish were certainly not shy, they swam right up against you in their hundreds and seemed to love the camera. [Full post on this to come soon]


Then when your back on dry land Cavtat is filled with museums, church’s and restaurants (or more importantly, Cocktail Bars!) to keep you entertained. We loved exploring the museums in Cavtat as they a different from any others I have seen, one was an artists childhood home and he had painted the walls from floor to ceiling. The home showcased not only his work but you also got to explore the wonderful house – how interesting? And at only 20 Kuna each it was surprisingly cheap.


When I wasn’t exploring Dubrovnik, visiting the local museums, admiring the scenery and the amazing boats that were continually pulling in and out of the harbour I was then waiting for sunset. The sunsets in Croatia are wonderful, especially in Cavtat. The colours light the sky beautifully and the beauty of the boats lit up bobbing in the sea and a silhouette of Palm Trees just added to what was already so wonderful.


Luckily Cavtat isn’t known to many people, yet! It is the least ‘Touristy’ place that I have visited so it is cheaper than many other places, much more peaceful and personal. You can relax, you can admire its beauty and if you want to be in the hustle and bustle then you are a stunning boat ride away from Dubrovnik.

To sum up Cavtat in just a few words…A Hidden Gem.


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