Muncaster Castle & Its Wonderful Grounds

Roughly 15 miles from the nearest town surrounded by hills, Scafell pike and beautiful lakes we had picked the most perfect cottage for a relaxing and peaceful break. We were staying in Ulpha in the Lake District and as secluded as it was it the most wonderful of places were only half an hour drive away including the wonderful Muncaster Castle.


With its historical Castle, wonderful Gardens and amazing selection of Owls it was the perfect place to explore.

With a love for animals including birds we were drawn to the castle even more knowing that it has a beautiful large selection of owls, ‘The headquarters of the world owl trust’.


We arrived at Muncaster castle the day before new years eve 2012 and with the cloudy grey skies along with the loneliness as we wandered around this made the perfect backdrop for an already astonishing place.


We were the only people within the castle grounds on the day which added to the atmosphere as we really got to explore at our own leisure and I could take as many pictures of this beautiful place as I wanted too (although this was slightly eerie at the time!)


We began by exploring the World Owl Centre which was amazing on its own, the large selection of birds are wonderful and to see them up close in all their glory is another story all together. As you wonder around you will see birds fly, see the birds who like to show off and get an insight into how incredibly stunning these creatures truly are.


After numerous hours looking around the owl centre you then begin to explore the main reason why you are here, Muncaster Castle and its wonderful grounds. As we began to stroll down the pathway towards the castle we were blown away by its beauty, the ground covered in crispy leaves, the valley in the background, bare trees surrounding the castle – this is how I always imagined castles to look hundreds of years ago.


Although sadly we did not get the opportunity to go inside the castle the outside was wonderful enough. Looking out over the fells is amazing and the view from the ‘North Terrace’ is just stunning and idyllic. As the weather was typical of a British December it was windy and cold but this just added to the atmosphere whilst we were at the castle as the trees danced along with the wind swaying from side to side.


We explored every corner of Muncasters Grounds including the bird watching huts that you will find dotted around Muncaster, these are not only great for bird watching (not a hobby that I have) but also to make the most of the glorious views. One of these huts gave us views overlooking the rolling fields meeting the sea in Ravenglass, just Beautiful.


Sadly time was not on our side and after spending the whole of the afternoon at Muncaster Castle we then had to leave as the night was drawing in and we couldn’t risk driving back to our cottage in the dark although I could have happily spent another few hours in the grounds, actually make that all day and night.

Muncaster Castle is a beautiful place that has so much to offer and is worth the entrance fee if only to see this view.



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