Emerald River Adventure – Part 1

Slovenia was a country that stole my heart From Bled Castle, the stunning city of Llubljana and every inch of the unbelievably beautiful Triglav National Park.

When initially planning to visit Slovenia I knew that this country was so stunning that it would be a shame to stay within Lake Bled, as wonderful as Lake Bled is. So I pre-booked a trip with 3Glav-Adventures, a trip known as The Emerald River Adventure. This is an adventure that consists of exploring Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps along with hiking, swimming and rafting…what more could anybody want?

Triglav National Park

So after rising with the sunset the adventures began and I was yet to know that this would be a day that would continue to remain vivid in my mind. All aboard the minibus we headed into Triglav National Park and it was astonishing, beauty like nowhere else I had seen.

The first stop was the wonderful Jasna Lake, a crystal clear lake, a backdrop of wonderful mountains, surrounded by lush green trees and guarded by the beautiful statue of the Jasna Lake’s Goat with its Golden Horns.

Jasna Lake

After admiring the lake and hearing the tale of the Goat and its lucky horns it was then time to leave, not before riding the goat first in the hope of some luck. Twenty five sharp corners later we arrived at the Vrsic Mountain Pass, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia and one that offered the most breath-taking views from the top.

Chalky mountains stood tall and proud, covered in acres of stunning green trees with occasional bunkers tucked into the distance and a blue sky almost as clear as the waters below. This was a postcard worthy scene and one which I will always remember.

Vrsic Mountain Pass

After being dragged away from the mountain tops (kicking and screaming!) it was time to head to the source of the Soca river and before I knew it I was scrambling along a rock face with a tiny rope to hold onto and a sheer drop by my side, WOW! I am sure health and safety wouldn’t allow this back home in England but that was soon all forgotten when you see this view from the top.

Source of Soca River

Scrambling over rocks and down the crystal clear Soca River the beauty of Triglav becomes overwhelming and it suddenly hits you that this isn’t a scene from a postcard or from a fairy tale, this is an naturally beautiful place.

As we continued to follow the river downstream the intensity in colour of the water intensifies and you have to look twice to make sure that you haven’t just imagined what you have seen. The emerald green (yet surprisingly clear) waters crash against the chalk white rocky edges and no editing is required for you to capture the most wonderful pictures and more importantly the most wonderful memories.

Soca River

After a short break for lunch (yes all this and it was only lunchtime!) we then continued to more beautiful stunning places with more wonderful activities which I will shortly write a post on so look out for part two of The Emerald River Adventure.


2 thoughts on “Emerald River Adventure – Part 1

    • It really is so stunning, when we first arrived in Lake Bled we were worried at how ‘Touristy’ it first appeared but Slovenia is very scenic, the national park is wonderful and I would advice that you go back and explore it 🙂

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