A magical stay in a Polish Castle

As a little girl (also as an adult I shamefully admit!) I always dreamed about the day I would be stood in the tower of my castle waiting for prince charming to ride up on his horse and we would fall in love and live happily ever after…Ok, well I have soon learnt that I am not a princess and I unfortunately do not live in a castle but staying at Korzkiew Castle in Krakow, Poland was as close to that experience as I will ever get. It was wonderful.

It was New Years Eve when I jumped into a Taxi from Krakow and headed up to the castle, it was roughly 30 minutes drive from the city centre but you would never believe that. You felt like you were a million miles away in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by only woodland and a lovely church perched on top of a hill. This place was magical.

I had booked this Castle as a treat for New Years to take me out of the city where I had been staying for the previous days and relax. I had high hopes for this place, higher than high – I just had this image in my head of how perfect it was going to be and believe me, perfect it was.


I could not contain my excitement as I drove up towards the castle, everything about it was wonderful and the christmas trees glittering outside just made this experience all the more magical. After running into the castle I climbed as quickly as I could up the spiral staircase past the log burning fires and up to the top of my tower where I was welcomed by this stunning room.



Wow! I just could not believe my eyes, this was wonderful. It was by far one of the most beautiful hotel rooms I had ever stayed in and I would like someone to try and argue with me. The delux king size bed, the windows that filled the room with light, the log burning fire and the wooden spiral staircase leading up to the bathroom. Now this is a tower that I wouldnt mind being trapped in.

Ideas then began to run through my head about what would happen if I decided not to leave, maybe I could get a job in Krakow centre, ride a bike to work everyday…Yes I wanted to move in. After unpacking my suitcase and swooning over the room I then decided to go and explore. It was late when we arrived so with the winter nights drawing in earlier I had to quickly head towards the woodland for an evening stroll.


As I began to walk around the Castle I realised just how this castle was living up to its reputation of being ‘In the middle of nowhere’, there are no shops, no cars and apparently no other people. But I did find this stunning church which was idllyic. I walked around this for quite a while taking in the beautiful colours, the beautiful spirals and the wonderful view over to the castle.


It was then time to head back and explore the castle itself. The castle is only small and is home to only four hotel rooms, the castle is not complete yet but the owners use the money they make from people staying at the hotel to complete the rest of the refurbishment.

We had pre-booked a three course meal for our stay which was included in the ‘Romantic Package’ and as there is no restaurant in the hotel it is a good job we did this, otherwise we may have been struggling to find food. I have to say having a chef come into the hotel and set up a table in the room upstairs for a romantic dinner was the icing on the cake for me and the food was delicous, I really did feel like royalty.


This place was perfect for a romantic retreat, I couldnt imagine anywhere more perfect as an additional extra to a stay in Krakow. I wouldnt recommend staying any longer than one day due to the location but I would recommend as a treat and it is extremely good value for money.


This was the perfect end to my time in Krakow and I certainly went into 2014 in style, if only every New Year could be like this….


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